This whole pumping at school and, in a few weeks, work, takes serious dedication. Always having to remember to pack bottles and wash them over and over and going to my car multiple times while at school (because the thought of pumping in a bathroom is disgusting) UGH. I love nursing when Cason is actually with me. It’s so relaxing. But trying to keep up with the freezing and refrigerating rotation sucks. Oh well. I just want the best for him. I just hate being attached to a machine all the time. Especially when I’ve got Joel’s parents chiming in my ear that I should switch him to formula because it’s the same as breast milk… yeah okay. This coming from the same people who were pissed off that we didn’t circumcise Cason. LOL

I survived my first day of classes and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I have a two hour gap between lecture and lab so I got a good 45 min. workout in at the fitness center, and the three pumping sessions while I was at school produced enough milk for while I’m gone the rest of the week. I was doubting the whole still being able to exclusively breastfeed thing having to be away so often, but I feel serenely confident about it now. BASICALLY, hell yes.

Alaska is going to the will county fair with my dad today but I def. dont want to bring Cason around all those germs, so my mom offered to babysit him so Joel and I could have a date night… which sounds reeeeally nice, but I cant do it. I can’t imagine leaving him for any amount of time :(