Moving day! Ahhh so much to do, so little time, but I’m so excited! Goal for today: don’t go into early labor. Lol 27 weeks is a tad earlier than I’d like to meet my little man! Thank goodness Joel has large brothers to do all the moving :D

I mean it’s cool that you wanna work through lunch to get your patients all seen by 5, but that means that I also have to work through lunch which means basically 8am to 5pm is a REALLY long time for someone who’s 6 months pregnant to not eat and that’s kind of shitty. In my opinion. Especially when there’s a half hour deducted automatically every day for the lunch break we’re legally required to get. Derp. Good thing I had cereal this morning at least.

What is the point of Alaska having a bed when she ends up on the floor every night anyway? It’s like she’d rather sleep on the floor. I don’t even know how she manages to get off of her bed. There are rails by her headboard. I’m thinking we may need to invest in the extra long guard rail for her twin bed that she’ll be sleeping in one we move because her toddler bed isn’t even a foot off the floor but the twin bed is taller than her. Lol poor little girl.

I love that Cason’s super active time is when I’m laying down for bed. It gives me time to relax and bond with him. I can count on it like clockwork; if I’m laying down, guarantee he’ll be wiggling around within a few minutes. I push on my belly and he kicks back :)

As for this week, my thoughts aren’t so pleasant. The amount of things to get done, packed, moved, cleaned, and paid for is overwhelming. I have this feeling that something retarded is gong to happen on Saturday that makes this move that much harder. Just wait. It’ll happen. Like a tornado out of nowhere. MEH. I will be so relieved when everything is settled and all that’s left to do is just organize and unpack everything. Welp. Here goes nothing.